The Eclipse

So today as I wait for the total eclipse of 2017, I am reminded of the last Eclipse in my memory.  The one I wrote about of my realization that my father would someday die due to his Tuberculosis.  I was young maybe 10 or 11.  Today I have three grown sons, grandchildren across the US and the world is just as advanced in technology as I believed it would be when I was young.  Cars can’t fly as I believed from “Back to the Future” but the world is definitely different.  Women hold jobs that once were only men’s and I am in a career that men dominated and still do.  We are led by a president that somehow brings out the worst in some of the citizens and yet during this time you see the best in humanity.  People reaching outside of their comfort levels and helping others, standing up for human rights, protecting the land, and trusting in their faith.  It’s wonderful and frightening at the same time.  When I look back to this day years from now, I wonder how things will have changed from today.  I hope this eclipse will start the progression of a dark to light and lead to a softening of hearts where poor direction, unrealistic fears, and dangerous leadership has shifted attitudes of good men and women.

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