Never forget the beauty, time and age has hidden

I have been trying to sell some of my sister’s dolls. I looked this doll up online to try to find her value and similar dolls are being sold as “ugly” and “scary.” Scary dolls are in fashion now. I refuse to sell her like that. I know my sister would not want that. She kept this doll proudly displayed in her room.

I know this doll was prized among all the others my sister had and she had many!  She was the rescuer of forgotten or unloved dolls.  She always saw the beauty in them.  I tried to imagine what this doll once looked like.  It was hard to see past her current state so I did some retouch in Photo Shop to see her as she once was.


Her name is Mariana
She is an old doll now and some want to call her scary.They want to buy her as a “scary doll” for Halloween.

I refuse to call her scary because I can see
her once beautiful face in my imagination.

You who can only see her now much older face, her lines, discolorations, markings from time,
are missing what makes her Mariana,
and what made her loved.

You all know someone like her.
Never forget the beauty that time has hidden.



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