The BEST MOM in the WORLD!

I am in awe of my mom. She had me late in life and I remember I used to be sad that she was not like the younger moms that came to my grade school and helped out, went on our trips, brought treats and such.  I figured out at an early age what type of woman mytina mom&dad mom really was.  I see how much she had to work for us because my dad was sick so she had to make money and still come home to cook, clean, and do all the things that kept our house running.  She would have wanted to be the mom at school supporting her daughter if she could.

More importantly, she was the mom at home that even if she was busy, she had time to hug me and hold my hand when I needed her. She kissed my cuts and consoled me when kids were mean to me.  She taught me to pray and love God.  By her example she showed me how to defend my family without losing my dignity, without being angry, jealous or vindictive. She taught me to accept what my life is and to be thankful for every lesson we have to learn from it.

When I was young, I watched as some others talked down at her or tried to make her feel inadequate because she had to work or because her husband was sick or because her daughter got pregnant before she was married.  She handled it by not talking back, not being vindictive, not getting into a fight.  She calmly walked away.  Sometimes she would go to her room and cry and then she would pray.  That made me want to protect her and guard her more fiercely than anything because I knew right there what type of woman she was. She was a woman of courage and faith.  Did she make mistakes in her life? Sure, we all do, but she never deserted her family in our need, in our sickness, or in our mistakes.  She never talked down to us or was ashamed of us.  She taught me what unconditional love is.

She is truly a woman of honor and God would be pleased when she comes home to Him. If there was a huge way to honor her I would.  She would receive all the presents, the biggest house, the softest bed, the most comfortable shoes, and the biggest piece of cake!  She would have anything she could hope for.

So here it is, as I walk up the hill on this bright sunny day, I lift my arms and say, “Thank you God for my mom!  You did good, and she was better than I could have imagined.”  I will sing her praises and hope and pray that she knows how important she is to all of us.

Happy Mothers Day mom & God bless!! Your stinker



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