Liberals as Pro-life advocates historically

Here’s an excerpt from the book “Defenders of the Unborn” The Pro-Life Movement before Roe v Wade by Daniel K Williams.  “What if I told you there was a time in American history when many Republicans supported liberalizing abortion laws, while liberal Democrats protested that fetuses had constitutionally protected rights? That liberals like Ted Kennedy, Jesse Jackson, Al Gore, and Dick Gephart took pro-life positions while Republican governors Ronald Reagan and Nelson Rockefeller signed legislation expanding access to abortion? Would you believe it?”
–end excerpt–

Isn’t that a great lead in to a good read?  Feel free to read the book, I have left the link above that tells more about the history of the pro-life movement which was championed by the Catholics.

As a young Catholic girl in the 60’s-70’s I supported the right of the unborn child. As a liberal woman I often wondered how pro-life groups defending the unborn were in a party that seemed to care less about humanity and human rights and family values over making sure government stayed out of their lives and business, pulling support of programs that help families and children eat and get help to succeed.  A party that uses the pro-life supporters as a platform to maintain human credibility and steal votes from good men and women that have taken up the gauntlet of protectors of the unborn child.  A Godly mission.

They stop short of really supporting their cause instead use them as a front to legitimize their platforms. They could care less about a child’s life, if they did, there would be more adoption alternatives, mental health and wellness for mothers and their children, rape and incest help and counseling, and educational opportunities supported and maintained that not only saves the child’s life but ensures it has all the opportunities for positive outcomes.  Republicans would not fund or support these types of programs but will support that we just protest outside clinics in a meaningless show of outrage at women that have few alternatives.

I propose this type of program could be maintained by liberals and conservatives alike, how about just calling us “those in support of the unborn child and mother.”  Meeting together apart from parties that use us. Take this fight outside of the political parties. It is wrong to think that all Liberals are pro-choice or against the life of a child. The same rhetoric that says Republican Pro-Lifers do not care for the mother.  That’s the lie the Republicans use to keep the pro-lifers in their pocket.

In my own circumstance, I was a young girl pregnant and unmarried. The father and I were under age. Everyone thought that because of our sin, the decision to keep my child would ruin my life and ensure that I had no future. Some in my family and friends were suggesting that I have an abortion because it was legal and would ensure that I would have a normal life, fulfill my dreams of college, marriage, a career that being a mother to the child would certainly destroy.

My mother and I prayed that God would take care of us and He did.  He gave me a life that was more than I could imagine. He made sure I was offered opportunities that I can only attribute to His intervention.  I have children, grandchildren and a loving husband, family, church family and I even went to college, and have a good career.  All because I chose to keep the small life growing inside me instead of aborting.  Was it easy? Heck no, it was hard, and just another mountain that we are called upon to climb with the help of God. Because if you climb that mountain, accept the life, you will be rewarded. It takes more than faith, it takes courage to accept your responsibility, no matter what. To attribute that life to the only giver of life, God.

Those who are entrusted with a life should accept it because no life is without a purpose.  We are given choices and just because there is an abortion clinic on every block, the choice is still yours.  No one political party will really protect your right to choose life but do it anyway.