Refinance Hell

My babe is up on the roof of our rental house making some repairs today.  We were harassed by an insurance agent to make some changes and he held our home owners coverage over our head in ransom.  This is the reason we left our comfy chairs and spent a weekend scraping, repairing and painting the house.  The whole horrible experience started as we tried to refinance the rental house.  We were trying to get a reduced rate and pay it off in less time.  In theory it was a good plan.
Instead, we ended up paying about 1400.00 in appraisals, repairs and painting and when we were almost to the end of the transactIMG_0928ion they asked for about 3000 to secure the rate because the appraisal wasn’t over a certain amount.  The rate they would be able to adjust it to after we paid the 3k was only 50.00 less than what we were paying.  Of course we declined their offer and were tormented by Quicken Loans for months afterward.  That’s not the worst part of my story.  In the meantime we were asked to stop paying the mortgage to await the new payment plan. Well when we declined the offer we forgot to re-activate the automatic payments. That almost caused us to default on our existing mortgage loan.
When we finally found out the auto payments weren’t happening we had to hire a lawyer to get us out of the mess, add $650.00 attorney fee to the amount above.
So much for my rant about how attempting to refinance our rental house.  If you are asked to refinance, get ready for paper work, and more paperwork, faxing, copying, and more paperwork.  Practically as painful as buying the house.  If we would have just put this extra amount on the principle of the house we would be in a much better place.  End of woe story.