I love Elephants


My love and heart for elephants began early in my life. I can remember attending a circus in Arkansas City, Ks, my hometown,  close to the airport maybe around the mid or late 60’s.

It was a small circus but I remember an elephant that was there. I saw a man hit an elephant that seemed to be doing all the man was asking. The elephants eyes met mine, I mean I literally felt we connected. I fell in love with this elephant. I seemed to feel her pleading, and her pain. After that, I could not laugh and have fun like the rest of the kids, I could only sit and watch my friend turn and march and the beautiful eyes that seemed to see me. How could that be?

I had a dream long after that day where I was the elephant. I was in a circus and I had a friend very much like the one I saw that day. I felt great love for the elephant in the dream and I know I was an elephant. Maybe I was an elephant in another life? I know its not something we truly believe as Christians but I had this bond to that soul that I have never forgotten.

I sit here with tears in my eyes, over my keyboard because I just watched a documentary on HBO called ed “Apology to Elephants.” So sad, these large beautiful creatures made my God are so tortured by humans, and exploited. They said that 36000 elephants a year are killed for their ivory. Why? There is a real concern that elephants are going to be extinct at some point. I hope I never see that type of future.

Elephants are part of our world that we share, they are not apart from us, all animals share this world. They are no less entitled to their happiness and joy of living. Free to love and walk without out fear.

That was really hard to watch. I can’t stop crying. Some may say I am a pansy, a tree hugger, but we should all be concerned about the animals in captivity. They are without representation, we have to watch over those that can’t take care of themselves. They have no voice and didn’t choose the life they were captured into. That connection, all those years ago, was my connection. She touched my heart and I must speak out.

In the years since, a friend of mine posted a wonderful story of how the elephant he worked with for many years was retired to an elephant paradise in California.  The story of Wanda is below.  Watch out for these beautiful giants, look in their eyes and catch a glimpse of their soul.

That was my sob post. I will try not to do that again for awhile but if I do, you better listen. May God Bless your day.

Read more on Wanda from the Detroit Zoo:




I hope this is an April Fools joke.

Here it is April 1, 2015 and this sounds like a suicide note (The note entitled “Adios” from Alisa Valdez was removed from her blog) left by an amazing woman and novelist.  A woman that is beautiful and talented to the max.  She has dabbled in spirituality, was or is an atheist, and has traveled most other avenues of answers she could follow.

If she could only stop and let God hold her and take all her troubles, she would find the calm, the way, the love, the answers that she has been looking for all her life.

I have been following her story.  Alisa is the author of the “Dirty Girls Social Club” and other popular chart topping titles. I was fortunate to meet this lovely lady in June of 2011 as she was the keynote speaker for our Latina organizations 20th anniversary celebration here in Kansas City.  But the beautiful Alisa Valdez is tenderly broken at this time. Broken like the clay pots that are cracked and shattered that represent our lives, souls, bodies, hearts that are so different yet are cracked in unique ways.

Like clay pots, we are all different in size and the ways we are used and made, colors, shapes all completely different.  My cracks are different than yours.  We may look similar but our paths, decisions, experiences and history have made us as unique as a snowflake falling among millions that flood the sky on a snowy night.

As I read her story and all that she states as reasons to end her life are only bits and pieces of a beautiful life that has failed to give her what everyone wants, love, acceptance, trust, and hope.  This woman has many gifts, so many.  God gave her a son, brought all types of people into her life to teach her what she needs to grow and start living.  He gave her wonderful gifts, insight, tenderness when needed, and a great mind.  He also gave her a heart that despite longing to be filled with love, it is also well guarded.  A heart that is caged, locked into a space it can barely breathe because being exposed opens her up to breaks and cracks that are seemingly unbearable.

Its hard to tell a person that may not truly believe in God that He is her answer.   He is the Great Comforter.  Once a true connection is made with God, He can begin to heal and mend the cracks in our hearts and soul.

Alisa doesn’t realize He is just waiting on her to call out to Him.  If she has called to Him already, He has probably tried to answer her, tried to love her, but she may not be prepared to hear yet.

He is the only one that can calm her anger that flames the fire inside.  Satan loves when we doubt ourselves.  The mistrust, jealously, selfishness, doubting, insecurities, that we feel is satan pulling us downward and as we allow our minds to consume this negativity is when hopelessness can easily capture us and drown our sensibilities to overcome and trust in one thing that can never fail us. God.

As I read her words of welcoming death, I can hear a child that needs Him now.  I pray that He can reach her before she really steps off the ridge and welcomes death ending the beautiful life that she has, the beauty that she is, the woman that she can become. Because the real gift He gave her are the words, the most compelling and thought provoking words that she shares in the pages of her books that draw us to read to the end, the words that will someday advocate the story of her life that leads to Him.  This gift of writing will someday honor Him and provide a testimony that will save others and bring them to Jesus.  Someday.  Please live to fulfill this great destiny  dear Alisa!

It’s God that wants her and is offering her the most incredible love she could never get from any man, critic, fan, employer, parent, husband, son, or family.  Alisa, listen to God talk to your heart.

I will keep praying for you dear child of God.