Nana in da House

nanaFive years ago I brought my mother to live with me.  She was born in 1922 which makes her 92 as I write this.  She had never been outside of her hometown in southern Kansas except to visit me when I lived in Germany.  She was happy to move and seems to like it here in the big city.  The one thing she really loves is having a choice of more than a few places to eat.  In my hometown there were only 4 places to eat that weren’t just fast food.  It got old fast.

Mom now lives in the master bedroom, the one with the private bath.  My sons and friends helped paint and put down new hard wood floors.  She has the nicest room in the house.  I am proud of this. Mom helped me so much in my life, she deserves all the best.  All my sons help out with mom.  They call her Nana.

She has her quirks and we laugh at some of the things she says and does.  For instance, she loves to save me money.  I buy paper plates so I don’t have to wash dishes.  Mom has started to wash her paper plate and reuse it.  Other things she does are just cute.  Like when she tries to talk to the automated voice on the phone telling her to press 1 if yes.  She might ask the voice to repeat that or ask if they can slow down so she can make a decision.  I love listening to that.  I end up calling for her but love to hear her get annoyed with the automated voice. 

Mom: Did you throw out that potato salad from the wedding last month? 

Me: Yes mom it was really old.

Mom: I thought you were going to serve it today and I was going to taste it first. That way if it was bad, I would die instead of anyone else.  Well, because I am the oldest. 

Me:  *smh*

It happens when you least expect…

I wrote this on another blog back in 2012. The link to the blog is below.  It is the first and only blog post to that blog.

IN the beginning there was a woman that had come to the end of her search for a man to stand by her side. Okay, that was me. Late last year I was fed up with the dating scene and actually thought that my life was just fine without the added issues a man might bring to my life. On December 4th 2011, I went into my online account on a local dating site to stop the service. The service is supposed to match you with a match that conforms most to my requirements listed when I first signed up. I had created an online profile that told about me and what I was looking for.  An interested male might look at my photo and then click to see more about me. That morning I was more interested in making sure the service would not charge my credit card for 3 more months or offer me another deal to make me stay. I had convinced myself I had no time for a man, at least no time for a man that I would have to spend time develop a long term relationship.

I had convinced myself that I really desired a partner to be there when I needed him, more of a friend when needed, mostly on the weekends and in my time frame, and on my terms. I had made up my mind that I really didn’t need a man, love or drama of a real relationship.

On December 4th, a sunny Sunday morning, Jon found me when I thought I was through looking.

This was the first and only post I made to that blog.

Time passes much too quickly!

Well, here I am 55 years under my belt.  So what happened with this blog?  One page back in 2011 and then nothing?  Well, to coin a familiar tune, “life happened” and what a whirlwind it was.  

In the past 5 years, I have been divorced, remarried, born again, saw loss of loved ones, and found new friends and family.  Much the same as anyone elses life but with one exception, this one is my life and no matter how similar we all walk different paths, make similar decisions with completely different outcomes.  That is the wonderful and scary reality of the circumstances of our lives.

Five years ago I started this blog in hopes that this page will carry me through another decade of learning and growing.  Heck, we all need to learn new tricks, have our aha moments and be able to guide others down the right paths via our hard learned lessons.

It has been a wild ride so far.  The significance of the date of my very first blog is coincidentally the same day I met my current husband.  I started writing this blog that morning, not even aware that within hours of writing this, I would receive a message on my last day on a dating website.  I had logged in to cancel my subscription because I had no time for it and hated wasting money.  I didn’t know at that moment that later that day I was going to meet the man that would be with me today and would be my husband.  How life can change in an instant!

One thing I know for fact is this, “Nothing stays the same.”  Not one thing.  That’s a good thing.  I never liked change, I resisted change but I have learned that through change we have the opportunity to grow. In every life event both happy and challenging, I have had to experience change.  One important fact that has made a huge impact on my journey is the presence of God in my life.

It’s a totally different type of outlook that you have when you make a choice to follow God and when you let Him into you house and heart.  I am anxious to tell you more about this journey.